Seven reasons to get Harvest Moon Cute, even if you own Harvest Moon DS

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Harvest Moon Cute box artNatsume recently released Harvest Moon Cute for the Nintendo DS on March 25, 2008. Many gamers may have decided to pass on this title, especially considering that Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness is expected to be released in June 2008. The thing is, Harvest Moon Cute is really a nifty farming game, and the most polished, portable Harvest Moon to date.

If anything, Harvest Moon Cute should really be considered Harvest Moon DS 2.0. It’s no secret that Harvest Moon DS, released September 2006, caused quite a bit of heartache and frustration for fans of farming sims. It was riddled with glitches and inconsistencies and the legendary “corrupted save” glitch kept many loyal fans away.

Thankfully, Natsume learned from its mistakes and Harvest Moon Cute is a solid game. Gamers just need to give it a chance. In case you’re still on the fence about purchasing it, take a look at seven reasons why Harvest Moon Cute is worth $29.99.

1: Harvest Moon Cute has no glitches fewer glitches.

The original Harvest Moon DS was plagued by glitches. Save files would randomly become corrupted, the game would freeze for no reason, Items required to marry the Harvest Goddess were missing, and it was impossible to marry the Witch Princess. Animals freeze or get stuck. The game freezes. There were so many glitches that the Wikipedia entry on Harvest Moon DS created by users has a section devoted to describing glitches (appearing as of April 9, 2008). I personally experienced quite a few glitches while mining, where the game would randomly freeze when I’d break some rocks or drop to a lower floor.

Harvest Moon Cute fixes almost all of the glitches. If you look online, you’ll see far fewer complaints or reports of errors. Also the translation is a bit better, and there are fewer typos in game dialogue. Some people have reported relatively minor typos and an occasional glitch at Gamefaqs, but nothing as horrendous as a corrupted save.

No save glitch here2: You can play as a girl.

The most obvious change in Harvest Moon Cute is the lead character. After a quick opening quiz, players are assigned a blond “Claire” Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town avatar or a brunette “Jill” Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life avatar. Of course the two characters are identical. You won’t get certain stat boosts from being blond or brunette.

This also means that you try to hook up with the men of Forget Me Not Valley and, if you have one of the two versions of the Friends of Mineral Town in the GBA slot, Mineral Town. Seriously – go for a Mineral Town man. Something’s wrong with the water in Forget Me Not Valley, because most of the men there are ugly. Your husband doesn’t do any actual work on the farm, so go for some eye candy.

3: There’s sort-of a “Best Friends System” included

One of the most discussed, and somewhat controversial, concepts in Harvest Moon Cute is the “Best Friends System.” In the Japanese version, users could become “best friends” with the four special Harvest Moon DS bachelorettes – the Witch Princess, the Harvest Goddess, princess Keria and Leia the mermaid. There were heart events for each of the characters, and the blue feather could be used to “propose” friendship. That character would then move into the main character’s farm. Eventually the best friend would also find a random baby, which the two characters could raise.

The system is sort-of still included in the North American version of the game. Reports from GameFAQs forums and Ushi no Tane forums state that the heart events with the special bachelorettes are still included in the game, but that the game has been altered so the proposals will never be accepted. So you can kind of become “best friends” in spirit with the special bachelorettes. Knowing the creative nature of Action Replay DS code creators, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear about one of them making a code to reinstate the system.

Skye's cheesy, but at least he's cute4: Skye the Phantom Thief appears.

This new character in Harvest Moon Cute is a special bachelor who was created exclusively for the game. Sure, Skye the Phantom Thief looks a bit feminine, has cheesy lines and is probably the least menacing thief I’ve ever seen. He isn’t really that successful when it comes to stealing in Forget Me Not Valley either. That isn’t to say that he isn’t a valuable and welcome addition to the game though.

Let’s be frank – the men of Forget Me Not Valley are, by and large, grotesque. They’re freaks of nature, Rock and Marlin excluded. Plus some of them look really old. It looks like there’s at least a 10 year age gap between the lead girl and both Carter and Griffin. Skye might be a bit unconventional, but at least he’s cute. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people playing are wooing Skye. I know I am.

5: You can marry Mineral Town people and not have your game end.

In Harvest Moon DS, there was a downside to marrying one of the Mineral Town bachelorettes. Your game would end, because apparently your character would have to “move” to Mineral Town with his new wife. Since one of the joys of Harvest Moon is the ability to keep playing forever, it was a serious let down.

In Harvest Moon Cute the men come to you. If you decide that a Mineral Town man is the one you want, then go ahead and woo him without fear. After you propose, he’ll pack up everything and come to live with you.

An example of one of the new decorating options6: There are new home and clothing options.

Two new customization options are available in Harvest Moon Cute. May, the little girl from Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town, now works as a decorator. (I guess there are no child labor laws in Mineral Town.) The player can call May and purchase new outfits and change the appearance of the house. As you become a more accomplished farmer, more outfits and design options become available.

This doesn’t really impact the game in any way. Bachelors and townspeople aren’t going to have favorite outfits or colors. Its just a little extra included to try and make the game more visually appearing. Plus, I hesitate to say this, it’s cute. Perhaps that’s where the “cute” in the title comes in.

7: The GameStop listing still says “Harvest Moon DS Cute with bonus!”

People who preordered Harvest Moon Cute from GameStop/EB Games also received a stuffed black cat that looked identical to the pet cat in the game. Now, the preorder period is undoubtedly over, but the listing is still showing “with bonus.” This could mean that you might still get a stuffed kitty cat if you buy the game from GameStop.

Plus if you happened to preorder Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town (I know I did), then the stuffed puppy preorder promotion you already own can have a new friend! You know you want a complete set of Harvest Moon pets, and getting Harvest Moon Cute is the only way to do it. Okay, you could stalk eBay, but getting the game is easier.

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  • Yvein

    It has more than a few. All my game file's memory got lost on Spring 30 year 3.

  • Jenni Lada

    I'm sorry to hear you had a glitch like that Yvein. I haven't experienced any glitches in any Harvest Moon games (I own both DS and DS Cute), but my friends experienced glitches in their Harvest Moon DS games.

  • sky

    i was playing harvest moon ds cute.and right in the middle of the wedding it suddenly file was gone and i was very angry.

  • Jenni Lada

    That's horrible sky! I'm sorry to hear you encountered such a devastating glitch.

  • Carlie

    i need to get married but i can't find 60 harvest spirites could u tell me were all 60 r i will be so grateful. please please please

  • Jenni Lada

    Hi Carlie!

    You'll want to head over to Ushi no Tane. It is the most AMAZING Harvest Moon site with information on every game. It also happens to have a full event list, sprite locations and additional info for Harvest Moon Cute.

  • Katryna

    i know you said that skye is in the game but so far i havent seen him at all can you tell me if you had to do anything special to meet him?or what you did to meet him?

  • Jenni Lada

    Hi Katryna –

    Well, Skye only comes out at night. (I think its after 10 when he enters the valley.) So you have to be up late to meet him. The fan site I linked to above (FOGU) is the absolute best and has a guide to getting him.

    Here's the link again in case you need it:

  • Katie

    I just got Marlin to have the purple heart so i saved and turned of my DS. when i got back on, Marlin was back to a black heart when i talked to him again!

  • Jenni Lada

    That's horrible Kate! All that hard work, gone! >.< My condolences.

  • Hayley

    Here's what you have to do to be able to meet Skye:
    You have to experience his BLACK HEART EVENT before you can even meet him. This involves:
    Talk to Lumina before you experience the heart event or it won't work.

    Now, to experience the black heart event:
    WALK on the main passageway to Romana's mansion on a sunny day between 10 pm to midnight.

    Once you experience his black heart event then he will begin to appear walking into the town from the passageway to Mineral Town into Forget-Me0Not Valley at 10:20 pm on sunny days. Some advantages to marrying Skye:

    * He has no rivals so you can take as long as you want to get him to like you
    * This is Harvest Moon DS Cute so you can marry him even though he's from Mineral Town.
    * He's an awesome husband and father and your kidalmost always looks sooooo cute!
    *He's probably one of (if not) the best looking characters in the game (the other two I like are Rick/Rock wtvr his name is and Kai)

    *His favorite food, Finest Curry, is SUPER HARD to make and requires a kitchen.

    Really, though, check these two websites for more info:
    (This last one is good for any marrige you want to make)
    Hope this helped!

  • Spenc

    is the glitch where if you get the fishing team to work for you, you get 1000000 gold still in this one? I got it last night and I want to be able to earn my money not get it by accident.

  • Ellie

    When i got this new game i was soooo excited, but it freezes every time i go to bed.You know u climb into bed and it goes all black and then its next morning well… no black, no next morning, no nothing. And when i go and visit Gotze on the phone I can't exit his shop by pressing b, I just can't leave!!! And when I save and switch off when i switch back on theres no continue button left just new game button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My Dad's sending it back for a different one but I wonder are they all the same????
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From Gotta Problem :-(

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Spenc – I think it may still be there. You may want to double check on the Gamefaqs forum.

    @ Ellie – I think you may have just gotten a faulty copy. I'm sure your next copy won't have the same problem.

  • levi

    i am a boy but do u think the game is too girly for me .
    i have harvest moon ds and im thinking of getting ds cute should i get it

    love from levi

  • Jenni Lada

    Hi Levi -

    Harvest Moon Cute is a bit girly… what you may prefer is Harvest Moon DS (the same game only you play as a boy) or the latest game Harvest Moon Island of Happiness (which lets you play as a girl or boy).

  • jobelyn

    Hi am having trouble how to marry skye
    how do you actually marry him everytime i see
    him and giving him the feature and also going
    to sleep noting happens will you pleaseeee help me?

  • Madison

    that heppened to me but i got father on this one. i need help what do you have to do to get married i have 60 sprites. all shopping matierel. and upgraded my houde to a big house!

  • snoww

    upgrade your house again! you also need to buy a big bed from the sprites and a kitchen from the sprites and a blue feather from karen at the store. you need to give presents to the guy you like every single day until his heart is red! for A LOT more info go to

  • pika

    I married Sky in DS Cute. 😀
    But, I can't seem to sell my Godhand, along with the other items you can sell to Van after you get married…

  • qutecookie

    you can't propose to skye, you have to leave the feather in your rucksack & go to sleep. the next day he will leave a note saying he's gonna steal your heart. you will not be able to find him in the valley, so go to sleep. you will be awakened by him, & he'll ask you for your heart. but make sure you've met all the fields. oh yah, the person giving all this advice is even worse at the game than me.. 0_o the fishing bonus/cheat is no longer there.

  • emilee

    hi my name is emilee i totally love this game^^ anyway i have a question how do unlock channel 5 on harvest moon ds cute?(and other channels) and how do u make yogurt and cheese fondue and unlock the water fall? and how do i find the other sprites? and can we be friends? ok email me back at

  • jobelyn

    By getting all the channels you have to do some work alot of them and continue on for some reason.
    If your gonna open the waterfall you need to upgrade your hammar with the strongest material I think…. I think the
    one that's was strongest was the material stone the last one.Oh to get the cheese and yogurt you have to
    to get the maker shed and then buy the stuff at the black smiths shop 😛

  • Jobelyn

    Oh yeah and how do you open more stuff on the shop of the May's
    Tailoring. I know about the cloths and stuff but i dunno
    how to get new stuff of my wallpaper for the house D:
    how do you do it? like getting it >__< that's my only
    problem am asking for….

  • bryce

    how do i get mythil the green ore to get the hammer in havest moon ds

  • Jenni Lada

    @bryce – I think you need either Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) in the DS GBA slot while playing to unlock cliff.

  • Kathryn

    I've heard about the 1,000,000g from getting the fishing team to work for you in the game and my best friend has had it work for her and she's told me how to do it over and over, but it still won't work for me. Do you need a certain amount of sprites or something?

    Kathryn xD

  • bubbly

    hi i need help i am really wanting heart events for kai but i cant get the red heart well i dont know how i almost have the yellow one.I also need to know how do u unlock the sprite leaders

  • Miruki

    What's with the men in Forget-me-not Valley? Like who designed them? other than Skye none of the others are remotely marriage worthy. Compare Harvest Moon DS girls with the guys in DS Cute, there is nothing cute about these guys.

    What happened? This was aimed towards girls right? Why are the men so old? I mean that's kind of pedophilic ….

  • bubbly

    ya i so totaly agree of what u said miruki!!!!!!

  • Beth

    Hey great articale i was planning to get the game and now im deffinetly going too, i also experienced a glitch on harvest moon ds. I woke up in the morn to play on it and wen i came to load my game it froze durring loading time. Although it only happened with game slot one, really confussing. Do you know anywhere i can find out how to fix it, because i really dont want to start over. (i have all sprites and on verge of marring lumina (cutisy of Ushi no Tane))

  • 2cute4u

    i think to get that ore you have to go in the first mine and get as far as you can and you will eventually get it!

    hope i helped

  • hoshi

    woi how can i link to the hm gba if i play in EMULATOR??

  • AboutHim

    I can not make the potential husbands heart to start getting coloured.
    I have been giving him his favorite food, EVERY DAY for a very long time now.
    What should i do?

  • abouthim

    If you go into the 1st mine and instead of doing a lot of mining, try to only hack rocks that are in your way and find the hole to fall through into the next floor down and keep doing that until level 10 and than start mining.
    You should be able to find some of the ore you need.

  • AboutHim

    I just joined and i hope its really free lol

  • Jenni Lada

    @ AboutHim: You probably need to see one of his heart events. Check online for the guy you're looking for's event locations and times. Once you see the special scenes, his heart level should go up.

  • sandy

    im getting harvest moon ds cute for christmas….
    my question is how to marry cliff…
    i searched the eb but everyone said i need a cable or something like that??? im confused..tell me wat to do!!!!

  • helper

    if you own action replay and relly want skye red heart, then ill give you the code:
    (note: and it's not long :))

    123BF618 0000FFFF

    im not sure if thats max friend piont so ill give an other one:

    223BF614 000000FF

    ill also give you his heart events:

    black heart event
    * Must be a sunny day.
    * Must have met Lumina.

    Time: 10:00-11:50 p.m.

    Where: Path to Romona's Mansion.

    purple heart event
    * Have Skye with 10,000 LP+
    * Must be a rainy monday.

    Time (First Half): 6:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.

    Where: The Blue Bar

    blue heart event
    * Have 20,000 LP with Skye
    * Any Day except Sunday and Tuesday

    Time: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00p.m.

    Where: Walk up the path to Carter and Flora's Tent

    green heart event (skye has 5 heart events)
    * Have Skye 30,000 Lp with Skye
    * On a Friday, not winter season

    Time: 6:00a.m. to 10:00a.m.

    Where: Cross to the bridge leading to Vesta's Farm

    last yellow heart event
    * Must have 40,000LP with Skye
    * On a Wednesday
    * Must be a sunny day

    Time: 11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.

    Where: The Inner Inn

    hope i help :) 😉

  • helper

    in order to trigger all events you must atleast talk to the dateable girls from harvest moon ds (if you have harvest moon ds youll know which girls).

  • Jenna

    The problem I had with HM ds was that whenever I became friends with someone, and went outside, their friendship points would go to 0. I got around it by collecting A LOT of herbs, teleporting to their house, giving them their present, and then teleporting home to go to bed. I wasn't able to plant anything or they would hate me again. I finally married Leia… and I thought that was the end of it…… but she still would end up hating me if I went outside for even a minute. DX

    Please tell me it was fixed for cute. D: I got cute for xmas, and my sister got island of happiness. :(

  • Rin

    I’m really confused on something. I have the old version of harvest moon ds and I want to marry Leia but I heard there’s a glitch that when a blizzard or wind storm comes she can blow away!!! Is this true?