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The comic and ringtones The Square Enix Members site has a pretty big update filled with The World Ends with You goodness. Parts 2 and 3 of the Creator’s Roundtable are both up, there’s an In-Store video of the title and the first chapter of the The World Ends with You manga by Shiro Amano. The best part of the update is the comic, because by clicking on certain colored comic panels, you can unlock ringtones of songs from the game.

The manga covers the first fifteen minutes of play of the game and is written by the same artist/author responsible for the Kingdom Hearts mangas already translated by Tokyopop. The comic is in black and white, but certain outfits or items may have color. If you click on the color images, then when you reach the end of the chapter you’ll receive download links for ringtones. The final page also state that the comics will be continued, and there’s a note on the page for The World Ends with You stating chapter 2 is coming soon.

Being a Square Enix Member is already paying off. Those ringtones would probably be 99 cents each normally – since the The World Ends with You soundtrack is going to be available on iTunes and iTunes offers ringtones now.

I’d like to see Tokyopop release the The World Ends with You manga. I’d totally buy it. After all, I went to the trouble to collect the Kingdom Hearts ones.

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  • urutapu

    Well, the thing is, the manga is only two chapters long. I doubt there would be a commercial release, especially since there hasn't even been one in Japan yet (the manga was simply run over two issues of Shonen Gangan in Japan; they haven't compiled it into a volume or anything.) Although you know what they could do? They could make an artbook, and stick the manga in it! In that case I'd totally get it.

  • Jenni Lada

    Oh, I thought it was longer than that. Do you know if there's any chance that it is still running? The story of The World Ends with You is just amazing and I'd love to hold out hope that perhaps a full book would be available.

    Ah art book would be awesome! I'd buy that too. I'm already planning on picking up the soundtrack at iTunes. 😀

  • urutapu

    The manga's only two chapters for sure–the end of the second chapter says "the end" (whereas chapter 1 ends with "to be continued in October"). Along with that, the manga ran back in September and October of 2007.

    I'm kind of confused about the music. Are they redubbing it or not? The website's version of "Twister" uses different vocals from the Japanese OST, but every English gameplay video so far has used the same old version of "Twister" by SAWA.

  • Jenni Lada

    Oh darn. Oh well.

    You know, I don't know if they did. It almost seems like the new version of Twister may have been created exclusively for the website, because I have not heard it in the game at all.

    I preferred the original track, so I'm happy to hear it remain in the game.