Speed Racer gift card with USB 2.0 Flash drive, cheat code

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gamertell target speed racer gift card

gamertell target speed racer gift card Further demonstrating the increasing availability and decreasing price of memory, Target has put out a Speed Racer themed gift card that features a USB 2.0 Flash drive built right in.

The promo gift card features a tiny USB cable (an inch long) that clicks flat into the card and can be ejected using a tiny mechanical switch at the bottom edge. It also has an activity light on the upper right edge of the card.

The internal Flash drive shows 62.8 MB total capacity with 51.6 MB of it filled with Speed Racer movie promotional items:

  • A PDF with five coloring pages featuring the Mach 5 and Racer X’s vehicle.
  • A PDF coupon for $3 off a Speed Racer Powerburst figure-8 track set and $1 off a Speed racer Powerburst racer (both expire 06/30/2008)
  • Two Speed Racer wallpapers in two sizes
  • A Racer family movie (in MOV and WMV)
  • A special code for the Wii version of Speed Racer: The Videogame (1-2-1-2-B-A – oops, it fell onto my keyboard)

The game code section is a Flash (as in animated) ad for the game with a few screenshots, which you have to watch to get to the code at the end. Here’s a screenshot of the game from the gift card for you to oogle:

gamertell target speed racer gift card

Yep, that leaves 11.2 MB on the Flash drivef or you fiddle with, assuming you want to keep the Speed racer stuff. Otherwise, this is a regular ol’ Flash drive that you can rename and fill up with your own files. Like most Target gift cards, you can pick on up at the various gift card racks around the store, though I have the best luck at the greeting card area where they place the bigger gift card end caps. Also, don’t expect too many of these to be put out at one time, so don’t be greedy.

Like previous Target gift cards, you don’t need to buy anything or even put any money on the card to take it home, essentially making this a free mini Flash drive with a Speed Racer skin. Since we certainly do not condone stealing, if your local Target frowns on you simply taking a gift card, please make certain you put at least some money on it.

Speed Racer will be in theaters May 9, 2008, and the game will be in stores May 6, 2008, for the Wii and DS.

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  • Alex

    Hey, nice review =)
    51Mb is little but for free =))

    ps. Digged 😉

  • patrick

    i've got to go see this!

  • PJ Hruschak

    Alex – much appreciated on both counts. )