Happy Earth Day: Most games now cost less than a tank of gas

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gamertell earth day 2008 gas prices

It’s Earth Day 2008 (April 22, 2008) and the average price of gas around my town (near Cincinnati, Ohio) has finally reached $3.60 per gallon. That means a 14-gallon fill-up now costs $50.40. Yep, 41 cents more than the price of the average console videogame and way more than the price of handheld games.

If I actually ran out of gas – which is no fun, so I don’t recommend it – and had to fill an empty 16-gallon tank, well, a new game would certainly be less expensive. For those states where it’s only $3.50 per gallon, keep in mind that you’re still only a dime from the $50 mark for 14 gallons.

OK, I know this is a gripe from someone who is not living in New York or California where gas prices are even higher and probably been around $3.50 for a while, but the price-per-tank compared to price-per-game is now one-to-one country wide. That is not good.

Which will you try to spend less on, games or gas? Will gamers across the country buy one less game a year to have enough money to drive to work one extra week?

Consider this: Staying home and playing videogames means less time on the road which translates into less time quickly consuming automobile fuel (and polluting). Sure, you are then using electricity to control the climate of your abode and power the game system, but the chances are pretty good that you weren’t adjusting your thermometer to reflect that (it’s Earth Day, for nature’s sake – get a programmable thermostat already).

Much like refrigerators running more efficiently when full, it’ll take less energy to heat a house when it is occupied than empty. And, the fatter you are, the more space you take up, the less open space that is being conditioned.

To help compensate for the increased electricity you’ll consume while gaming, simply unplug all the lights, cable boxes and other non-critical appliances in standby mode.

So fatten up on organic soy bars made by your crazy neighbor (don’t ask about the green bits), widen that crevice in the couch and invite a bunch of friends over to play videogames in the dark. Oh, and tell them to turn off their thermostats and bring stuff to stock your fridge. Heck, rent or borrow (“reuse” and “recycle”) a green-themed game or four and you’ll feel even better about it.

After all, you’ll be helping the environment.


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