Introducing Moshi Monsters – another browser game for kids

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The five available Moshi Monsters
A new kind of online game is available for kids, Moshi Monsters. So far the free-to-play game, created by Mind Candy, is only in its beta phase, but there is still plenty for kids to do. In time, it could become a formidable opponent for both Neopets and Webkinz.

There are six monsters available for adoption, the squirrel-like Katsuma, the devilish Diavlo, the bigfoot character Furi, the zombie Zommer, the kitty-puppy Poppet and the flying heart Luvli. After picking one out, users are invited to determine their monster’s color scheme. Once that’s finished, you create an account and begin playing.

There are a number of things to do once you’re in. You can clicking on the monster while in the room, which will either tickle it or cause it to say something. You can also direct it to move around the room. There is also the daily puzzle challenge, a series of Brain Age style questions. You’re given a certain amount of time to play. Correct answers earns you little diamonds, which you can use to buy food, furniture and room decorations in Monstro City. Two mini-games, the butterfly catching Flutterby Field and the puzzler En-Gen, can be played, but neither provide any gem rewards.

Its seems safe. In order to add or talk with friends, you first must know their usernames. If you don’t know a person’s username, then you can’t add him/her as a friend. I only created an account to investigate the game, so I didn’t know anyone who I could test the friend system with, but it seems child-friendly.

the purple fuzzy thingMy favorite part is the fuzzy, purple, mouse-pointer eater that shows up during the loading screens. Its so much fun to play with. He hunts your mouse down. Once he catches it – and he will catch it – he eats it. You then can fling him off and away. I enjoyed seeing how far I could fling him. Of course I’m easily amused, so others might not derive the same joy.

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