City of Heroes celebrates fourth year with gifts for gamers

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city of heroesApril 2004, City of Heroes was released across North America. For millions of comic book geeks, including me (who spent a full year on the game after beta), City of Heroes fulfilled many boyhood fantasies of wanting to strap on a cape, take to the skies and battle all sorts of terrible evils. Four years later, millions of gamers have continued to call the super hero themed MMORPG a second home.

Monday (April 28, 2008) marked the 4-year anniversary of Cryptic Studios and NC Soft’s City of Heroes set in the fictional city of, Paragon City. To celebrate the success of City of Heroes, NC Soft is releasing a new game calendar. The calendar can be downloaded from the City of Heroes web site and will feature each of the 12 issues that have been released since the game’s launch back in 2004. Players will also be treated to a series of new maps, a new mission creator and other yet-to-be-named goodies.

The new mission creator isn’t due until the next update, but when it is released players will be able to create their very own missions, objectives, story arcs and even dialogue. User-created scenarios will be able to be uploaded to a NC Soft service, where other players will be free to take a crack at gamers’ creations.

With a loyal fan base, a continuing stream of downloadable content, the stand-alone expansion pack, City of Villains and stuff that I am sure NC Soft hasn’t been allowed to reveal yet, City of Heroes thankfully looks as if it just might be around for another 4 years.

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