Animal Paradise/Pocket Pets mystery solved

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Animal ParadiseReaders may recall yesterday (May 21, 2008) Gamertell reported on a curious DS pet game mystery. Hana Deka Club: Animal Paradise was scheduled to be released in North America, but two companies both were listing the localization as one of their projects. O3 Entertainment was supposedly releasing the game as Pocket Pets and Empire Interactive was supposedly releasing it as Animal Paradise.

After talking with a representative from Empire Interactive, the truth was revealed. Originally O3 Entertainment was supposed to localize and release Hana Deka Club. Pocket Pets was supposed to be out in December, 2007. Since it was never released, Empire Interactive was given the opportunity to release the game in North America because it had published the European release as Animal Paradise. So expect to see Animal Paradise in stores this summer. A representative from O3 Entertainment could not be reached for comment.

I know I was joking about Animal Paradise being yet another pet sim for the DS, but that was before I learned a deciding factor. Two of the 18 possible pets you can raise in Animal Paradise are chipmunks and chicks. Chubby chipmunk cheeks are totally one of my weaknesses, as are fluffy chick feathers. Animal Paradise will also feature a photo album with Hana Deka pictures, a wide variety of pet related mini-games and different areas to visit.

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