Twelve research teams get $2 million for healthier video games

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Wii Fit
We all know that the Wii has found extensive use as a fitness device besides being incorporated into rehabilitation programs world over. There have been a few researches to study its relationship with a player’s health and fitness but a deeper understanding of the subject can fashion a fitness revolution of sorts. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has announced grants worth $2 million for research on effects of video games on health through its Health Games Research program.

The grants were given away to 12 research teams across several states and they were officially announced during a phone-based news event on May 29, 2008. The studies will explore the possible role motion-based games can play in helping stroke patients recuperate and how virtual worlds can aid drug rehab. The research teams have on an average been granted $2,000,000 each and will take one to two years to complete. The gamers in the studies will be aged 8 to 98 years.

There was an overwhelming response to the University of California, Santa Barbara-based Health Games Research program as there were in all 112 applications for grants. The whole program has a total funding of $8.25 million Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and there soon be more research grants in January, 2009. The research data will be valuable in making healthier video games.

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