Create a teeming metropolis in SimCity Creator

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A screen from SimCity Creator Wii
EA Games has announced that its infamous city-building game franchise is moving to the Wii and returning to the DS. SimCity Creator will be coming to both the Wii and Nintendo DS in September, 2008. Also worth noting is that the PAL and NA versions of the game are coming out at almost the same time – The games will be out in Europe on September 19, and in North America on September 22.

While the two games are both titled SimCity Creator and involve building cities, they aren’t the same game. SimCity Creator for the DS is a localization of the Japanese SimCity DS 2: Kodai kara Mirai e Tsuduku Machi, and is more about creating and maintaining a city from ancient times to the future. The Wii version of SimCity Creator is a more standard version of SimCity, only with different city styles based on cultures around the world.

SimCity DS really let me down. I was expecting something quirky, fun and engaging – like SimCity 2000. Instead I found a game that was trying too hard to be funny and didn’t have the charm its PC predecessors possessed. I’ve heard SimCity DS 2 was better, so hopefully SimCity Creator for the DS will atone for SimCity DS‘s mistakes. Seriously – all those citizens visiting me and asking for stuff in SimCity DS made me sick. I was ready to tell them to go build their own hospitals and parks.

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