Auction Watch: Nintendo Canada sells games on eBay for United Way

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One of the SNES auctions by Nintendo Canada
I love when big companies do something to help out those less fortunate. Nintendo Canada was doing some spring cleaning and found a warehouse filled with old Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Virtual Boy paraphernalia (mainly games). So the division made an eBay account (nocl604) and decided to auction off all the items in 33 separate lots for the United Way.

If you’re suspicious, because it is a new eBay account and you figure anyone can go online and pretend to be from anywhere – you need to be a little more trusting. Plus the members of the NintendoAge forum did quite a bit of extensive research to make sure the sale was legit. Link at even posts the complete message explaining the sale, left by a Nintendo representative at the NintendoAge forum.

So far the lot prices (at 11:20 AM CST on June 3, 2008) range from $809.11 for 18 mint condition NES games to $0.99 for open copies of Dr. Mario and WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge for the NES.

There are quite a few worthwhile titles in the bunch. For example, I spied Mario Paint (SNES), Super Adventure Island II (SNES), Breath of Fire II (SNES), Lost Vikings 2 (SNES), Super Mario All-Stars (SNES), Zoda’s Revenge: Star Tropics II (NES), Bubble Bobble II (NES) and Yoshi’s Cookie (NES). Even that $0.99 copy of Dr. Mario looks pretty good.

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