Auction Watch: Nintendo Super Famicom cartridge at Shop Goodwill

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A picture of the Pro Mahjong Kiwame cart from the Shop Goodwill auction Goodwill can surprise you sometimes. Case in point is today’s find – a Nintendo Super Famicom cartridge that has been listed on the site as a “Nintendo Super Famicon cassette.” The Super Famicom cartridge was listed on June 5, 2008 and the auction ends on June 15, 2008. So far only one person has bid, and the current price is $5.95 as of 5:04pm CST on June 8, 2008.

The game in question is Pro Mahjong Kiwame, a mahjong game. It was a Japan-only release from Athena in 1993. It doesn’t come with the box or any kind of instructions, and is obviously used. The staff at the Spokane, Washington Goodwill store, which is running the auction, was unable to test the cartridge to see if it actually works.

Super Famicon is the Japanese name for the Super Nintendo. Since the games and systems were region locked, this game won’t work unless you happen to own a Japanese Super Famicon system. Unlike normal SNES cartridges, this cart has rounded edges, where the North American cart was more rectangular. Japanese and North American games do use the same region chip, so if you could find some sort of adapter, then perhaps you could play this game in your system.

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