Visteon’s dockable multimedia player, GBA system still kickin’

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gamertell visteon dockable entertainment system game boy advance pamphlet coverMy wife was getting an oil change the other day and my baby gamer wandered into the dealership’s Videogame Room. Kudos to them for providing such a room. Sadly, it only has a slimline PS2 and four games (I think I saw Madden NFL 2002 in there).

But, there was a countertop pamphlet display with good ‘ol Mario on it. The pamphlets are for Visteon’s “Dockable Entertainment featuring Game Boy Advance.” It’s essentially a portable DVD player intended for your car with a GBA built right in.

The GBA slot is embedded into the system’s screen, keeping it pretty low profile. It also relies on a wireless controller, includes a link port for multiplayer gaming, uses wireless headphones and has a 10.2 in. screen. If the photos are true, the image on the screen can be flipped so the system can be played docked in a vehicle (essentially up side down) or sitting flat. The system will also play audio and MP3 disks.

Now, a DVD player for your car is pretty cool, as is a game system built right in, but a GBA? Perhaps they could not get passed the difficulty of incorporating the DS’s touchscreen into a device that will be out of reach of kids buckled into a back seat. Maybe the Wii was too bulky to pair with other components. Of course if they did do that, the Wii would become an even more portable and versatile system and probably sell even better than it is now

Actually, it’s more likely that the company simply hasn’t gotten any rights to update since the system was unveiled at CES 2006. The fact that the display is a new addition to the dealership shows that Visteon is probably still installing them in vehicles (which can be done at the auto factory), or that someone found some random box in the stock room and decided to put them out.

In any case, long live the GBA.

Here are images of the rest of the pamphlet (cover image is above):

gamertell visteon dockable entertainment system game boy advance pamphlet inside

gamertell visteon dockable entertainment system game boy advance pamphlet back two pages

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