Reunite with anthropomorphic Animal Crossing friends at E3 2008

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Animal Crossing KK SliderIt is official! The latest update to the E3 2008 games listing confirms it. Animal Crossing Wii is scheduled to appear at E3 2008. Again, like Kid Icarus Wii, it is still unknown what shape or form the Animal Crossing Wii presentation will take.

The E3 2008 listing for Animal Crossing Wii does provide some new, definite information about the game. It reveals that it will be developed by Nintendo EAD, will make use of WiiConnect24 and has already been rated “Everyone” by the ESRB. Unfortunately, the listing doesn’t answer the loaming MMO questions speculators have had about the game.

Somehow, I get the feeling Animal Crossing Wii won’t be an MMO. Nintendo’s been pretty stingy about multiplayer and such, what with the friend code security measures. Hopefully I’m wrong – Animal Crossing would make a great MMO.

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