Retrorocket is released on the DS homebrew scene

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a screen shot from Djupal and Hartmann's Retrorocket homebrew DS gameFans of shooting games and DS homebrew should start rejoicing right around now. They should probably start thanking Asbjørn Djupdal, Morten Hartmann and Kyrre Glette as well, since efforts from the three created Retrorocket. Djupdal and Hartmann were inspired by Thrust (Atari 2600) and TurboRaketti II (Amiga), and decided that those games belonged on the DS, so they set to work on a pretty homebrew application.

Retrorocket offers more than some commercial games. All of the Thrust levels and TurboRaketti II maps are available for play. Plus there is a RTS strategy mode where you can enhance your shop by collecting items and multiplayer collection games. Multiplayer games can even carried out over local WiFi as well. Also Glette assisted the duo by programming in map autogeneration.

Retrorocket can be downloaded from either the official site or GBAtemp. I haven’t tried the game yet, but it looks promising.

Read [GBAtemp] Site [Retrorocket]

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