Concerto Gate is a free MMO from Square Enix? Inconceivable!

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Concerto Gate screen shot
Seriously, is this my Square Enix? The same company that charges me $40 for a DS game? Wow. I’m floored. Square Enix and are bringing the free, massive multiplayer online RPG Concerto Gate to North America. The closed beta for Concerto Gate started yesterday (July 1, 2008), and will run until July 14, 2008. Hopefully shortly after that, an open beta period will be held.

Concerto Gate sounds like your typical, fantasy MMO. People come to the enchanted land of Fahren and level grind in an attempt to become the prophesized hero who’ll save everyone. Like every MMO, Concerto Gate has a unique feature to set it apart – terra generating. Over the course of weeks and months, players will be able to alter the game’s landscape. Pretty neat.

I always thought my internet connection was fast, but obviously it (or I) wasn’t fast enough. I didn’t manage to get the key for the closed beta yesterday. Did anyone manage to get a key? If you did, then what do you think of the game?

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