Not all game systems are green machines

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gamertell ps3 the great energy sucker
As if responding to my previous post concerning the price of videogames and the cost of a tank of gas, has posted an article concerning the energy consumption by videogame consoles.

Citing a study by the nonprofit Australian research company, Choice, the PS3 is the biggest energy hog when idling (turned on but not being actively played), followed by the Xbox 360 and, in an uber-energy-conscious third is the Wii. Here’s the breakdown in kilowatt hours:

How much energy do you burn each week when your video game console stays on and idle?

  • Sony PlayStation 3: 31.74 kilowatt hours
  • Microsoft Xbox 360: 23.57 kilowatt hours
  • Nintendo Wii: 2.97 kilowatt hours

That doesn’t even count the type of TV you are using. The article compares the PS3’s energy drain to being greater than the average refrigerator. This also gives Nintendo one more thing to brag about. “Stay healthy and save energy with the Wii.”

Assumed to be next on the green gaming investigative agenda: How much oil and resources go into creating game discs, game boxes, box art and game manuals.

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