Four quick tips for sturdy Tune Troopers in Song Summoner for iPod

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Song Summoner The Unsung Heroes screen shot title screenI’ve owned Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes for less than a day and already I am developing an unhealthy obsession for the Square Enix’s strategic RPG created exclusively for the iPod.

This isn’t enough time to craft a full-on review (that will come in a day or two) but an hour crafting Tune Troopers and a few hours of playing have provided me with a rudimentary education. I’ve learned a few tricks while playing which have been helpful in crafting a solid foundation for troop formation.

So the following are a few tricks to help you in creating your first few Tune Troopers and earning “S” ranks for your first battles.

I’ve received “S”s in all of the battles I’ve gone through with Ziggy as the leader, so perhaps there’s some merit to my madness that might assist you.

Tip #1: Pick songs you adore and have a notepad handy.
Song choice is absolutely crucial when creating Tune Troopers. Have an idea in your head what songs are your absolute favorite and check those out first when creating troops in the Hip-O-Drome.

Write down each track you use on a notepad. Once the Tune Trooper is created and you decide whether or not you’ll keep it, mark your decision next to the track’s name on the pad. Also, perhaps mark down what trooper came from the song.

See, Tune Troopers receive bonus points when the game is off and you’re just listening to your iPod. The game keeps track of how many times the 16 characters in your main roster’s tracks are played, and doles out points the next time you play. So make sure you make a special playlist on your iPod with all of your troopers’ tracks and listen to it frequently.

Song Summoner The Unsung Heroes Electrochemical screen shotTip #2: Orange is awesome!
When Tune Troopers are spawned, the stat numbers will be one of three colors. White means that statistic is standard. Blue means it is subpar. Orange means that statistic is higher than average.

So of course, you want to shoot for orange stats. A good tip for this is to listen to advice from the conductor. Like when he says that songs with 1 or 7 are good, make a trooper from a song with 1 or 7 in the title. I got a Bronze, A-ranked, Woody mage from Teddy Geiger’s “7 Days Without You.” Of course, when I was told to use a song with “soul” in the title, Billy Joel’s “All About Soul (remix)” yielded a somewhat lackluster Bronze, A-ranked, Hip Hop Monk monk.

Tip #3: Have a balanced army.
When you’re first creating Tune Troopers, try to get a nice selection of classes. I’d recommend at least two soldiers, a knight, a monk, an archer and a mage. Then go fight a battle or two, to determine what style of characters suits you. After that, you can return to the Hip-O-Drome and create more of the classes that best suit your fighting style.

As for actual battles, you can only initially have four characters in battle and one of them is Ziggy. The best thing to do is go with two melee fighters and a distance fighter. I prefer to use a knight, a soldier and an archer, since a knight has a two square range, soldiers have one square ranges and archers can hit from quite a distance.

Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes screen shotTip #4: Rewind is our friend.
Stock up on Rewinds. Save them. Cherish them.

Each Tune Trooper can be deployed a set number of times. Once they’ve fought however many battles they have, they’re gone. Rewind replenishes their deployment gauge, and allows you to keep using them. You can earn it from battles or buy it in towns.

You have to really think when using Rewind though. Don’t waste it on a Bronze, C-ranked trooper. Instead, save it for a character who is Bronze, B-ranked or higher. Also keep an eye on the pearl gauge. If a character takes a long time to reach Platinum (ex. 500), then keep using Rewinds on that character to keep it alive. You won’t regret it, and it will likely become one of your strongest Tune Troopers.

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  • Erasure25

    Whoa, Tip #1 is pretty awesome. I just played up to the first battle before Oppenheim (spelling?) but I think I'm gonna restart the game and keep track of the songs now and listen to them a bunch of times! Thanks!!

  • Jenni Lada

    Glad it helped you out Erasure25.

    I've actually keeping a small notepad in my purse (along with my iPod) to keep track of any future troopers I may make while I'm away from home.

    You actually don't have to restart. What you can do is, while on the world map, transfer some of your existing Tune Troopers to storage. Then you can create more in the Hip-O-Drome and just keep track from that point. 😀

  • Antoids

    Another thing I have found to be influential is playcount, on the initial creation. If you wanted to, you could just make a bunch of 1-second clips with all the keywords in them. Cheeeaterr..

  • Jenni Lada

    Really? I didn't know playcount affected initial creation.

    What I have noticed is, after testing, that trooper creation seems kind of random. I tried creating a trooper from a song (ABBA's Dancing Queen) 3 times, and each time it gave a different trooper.

  • JaeHeeLee

    Well the trooper selection thing changes what troopers spawns everytime you stop playing the game (for instance when your groove meter restarts at the beginning of the game) Just keep trying. Especially use the songs you listen to most and i guarantee you will get some butt-kicking troopers. Thats how i beat the game. :3 good luck
    ~Jae Hee Lee

  • mitch

    Is there a way to find out the songs you picked? I've forgotten! nooooooo!

  • Marcus

    i made a 5 second clip then played it about 500+ times on my way to work then made a platinum a ranked something….its biased on initial creation i think on how many times you've played the song or at least thats one of the factors…

  • kez

    how do u use the carry over code u get at the end

  • kez

    I tried looking it up but i could not find how

  • fratzz

    uhm i got all troopers, but there of the rare ones, could u tell me wich songs gave u rare troopers? (those with the shiny background; i already have forbidden apple, electrica glide, and sweetness)