Animal Crossing comes to the Wii as Animal Crossing: City Folk

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Animal Crossing: City Folk screenshot screen shot
Animal Crossing is definitely coming to the Wii, and it looks a lot like the DS incarnation, Animal Crossing: Wild World. Animal Crossing: City Folk was unveiled today (July 15, 2008) by Nintendo at E3. The game is going to be similar to previous incarnations, acting as a sort of life sim, but will have plenty of Wii-exclusive features. It will be out Holiday 2008.

The City Folk portion of the title comes from the new city area that is only in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Players will be able to take the bus to the city to shop, check out sales, watch a movie or get a makeover at Gracie’s boutique.

The multiplayer aspect is the one everyone was most concerned about, and it seems like Nintendo has delivered. Animal Crossing: City Folk will allow for up to 4 players to play on the same console at once (taking turns of course), and allow for 2-4 players to interact in the same town over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It wil also feature WiiSpeak compatibility, allowing users with the WiiSpeak microphone to talk to one another.

There will also be the Animal Crossing standards. New animal neighbors will move from town to town, like in the DS version. There will also be bugs, fish and fossils to collect. Fashion statements return, as players will be able to design clothes that visitors and animal neighbors can buy.

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    at first. the mail adress was my brother his but i got it a jear ogo. then i wanted to ask if you would like to play the game with me trough nintendo wi-fi. i wil give you my friend code and you can give me yours if you send me a mail.

    thanks already.
    bye for now