Kirby Super Star Ultra update from E3 2008

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Kirby Super Star UltraKirby was not forgotten during E3 2008. Our favorite pink eating machine will be featured in a remake of the SNES title Kirby Super Star for the Nintendo DS called Kirby Super Star Ultra. The game will be released on September 22, 2008, and will feature everything we remember in the original plus updated graphics, fully rendered cut scenes, multiplayer and some DS-influenced mini games.

The basic gameplay in Kirby Super Star Ultra has Kirby going from one end of the stage to the other while absorbing different abilities from enemies. If you don’t feel like eating them you call always spit them out as stars or use Kirby’s ability to create Helpers that will aid him throughout the level.

The multiplayer and touch screen functions go together in Kirby Super Star Ultra with up to four players able to play three unique mini games via (single-cart) DS Download Play: “Kirby Card Swipe,” “Kirby on the Draw” and “Snack Tracks.”

There are six different games in Kirby Super Star Ultra with very different objectives. In one game called “Revenge of Meta Knight”, Kirby must destroy Meta Knight’s ship while racing against the clock. Another game named “Spring Breeze” has Kirby tracking down King Dede to get back all the food that was stolen from Dream Land. The DS iteration will also have two new modes called “Revenge of the King” and “Meta Knight Ultra.” These main stories along with the optional mini games guarantee Kirby’s adventures will last quite a while.

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