E3 enhanced by The Witcher Enhanced edition

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The Witcher screenshot screen shot
We all knew that an enhanced version of the PC game The Witcher was coming, but we weren’t sure if Atari was going to be showcasing it at E3. Now, we know for sure, as a new press release with additional information has been released. As you may (or may not) know, The Witcher was originally released in October, 2007 to critical aclaim, and a revision was planned to improve issues in the original and the game in general. The remake will be out September, 2008.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is going to be quite a package. The game tweaks mean that, along with 5,000 dialogue lines rewritten and rerecorded, there will also be 200 new dialogue animations for characters. Also NPCs will be more varied, the inventory system will be improved (the alchemy use will be better), the load times will be decreased and the combat system has been improved.

Of course “premium” items will be included as well. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition game will be multilingual, have two additional quests and have a D’jinni Adventure Editor. The package will come with a soundtrack CD, a Music Inspired by The Witcher CD, the game guide, Andrzej Sapkowski’s “The Witcher” story, the Making-of DVD and a game map.

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