Telltalle Games releases new Sam & Max trailer, free episode

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Sam and Max Season 1

If there’s going to be a game based on a dog and a rabbit-type creature who go around busting up crime, there’s no better place for it to go than to the Nintendo Wii. Sam & Max Season 1 will be released Fall 2008 in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Sam and Max Season 1 is a port of the popular PC point-and-click series with six episodes making up the entire game. You’ll be able to play the episodes in any order without mixing up the overall story. The hypnosis-themed plot of the game introduces off-the-wall characters with comedy to match.

Telltale Games is also giving out free PC copies of the first Sam & Max Season 2 episode “Ice Station Santa.” All you have to do is sign up for the company’s Monthly Newsletter & Big News or Big News Only between today (July 18, 2008) and July 31, 2008. Telltale Games will then send you a gift code that can be used to get the game for free. You can only get one gift code per e-mail address. Head on over to their website to get in on the deal.

Sam & Max uses a lot of witty dialog to drive the story along. While it would be fun to play as Max, Telltale Games thought it would be better if Sam was the playable character as he’s more mentally stable. Sam & Max is ideal for Wii owners who want to sit down with friends and watch the game play out like a movie. The Wii remote is used by pointing and clicking to wherever you want to go. The game features over three hours of original live music with a jazz soundtrack to catch your ears while playing.

A trailer for Sam & Max Season 1 is posted below.

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