New Sonic and the Black Knight revealed, now with swords

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gamertell sonic black knightThis month’s issue of Nintendo Power cover story reveals that Sonic the Hedgehog is back. According to the magazines, Sonic and the Black Knight will be released exclusively for the Wii.

If the magazine’s cover art and teaser text is true, Sonic will be wielding a broadsword in his new adventure: “Big Blue swings cold steel in his big new adventure.” No other details have been revealed but, considering the doldrum that was Nintendo’s E3 20080 press conference, this is at least a hint of exciting news. Maybe this new title will take advantage of the new Wii MotionPlus add-on, since we already know WiiSports: Resort will have a sword fighting area.

Let’s hope Sega gets equipping a hedgehog with a weapon right this time. They don’t want to make the same mistake made with Shadow the Hedgehog.

A domain registered by Sega on July 2, 2008, has also been discovered that will very likely be for the game: SONICANDTHEBLACKKNIGHT.COM.

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  • Darc008

    Ya, I like that game. Speaking of Shadow, I'm a bit old but I still can't seem to get the Shawdow's "<a class="external" href="am" rel="nofollow">">am all of me" song out of my head. Again a bit old skool, but it was a very awesome rock song for a Sonic series game!!

  • Terabee

    thank you for posting , as I found this article from search. i liked the game and sounds of shadow the hedgehog very much, but yah, i agree its lacking in the weapon department.