Cryptic’s Star Trek Online to be revealed at Star Trek Convention

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Star Trek Online screenshot Cryptic
Today (July 28, 2008), Cryptic Studios officially announced, launched a website for and set a date for gameplay unveiling for Star Trek Online. Previously P2 Entertainment was originally going to create the massive multiplayer online rpg, but dropped the project back in January, 2008. Cryptic Studios then working on Star Trek Online.

A few screen shots and news stories are available on the official Star Trek Online site, but gameplay trailers won’t be available until August 10, 2008. Cryptic Studios is going to debut the footage at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention in the Gene Roddenberry Theater at the Las Vegas Hilton. The presentation will also be available in the form of a webcast on the site as well.

The description of Star Trek Online already offers a pretty clear picture of what the MMO will be like. Players will be able to be a Federation captain or Klingon warrior with their own ships and crews. They will then be able to battle others, travel through space or explore planets. Cryptic has not yet announced if Star Trek Online will only be a PC title, or if there will be console versions as well.

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