Amazon, Gamestop accepting LittleBigPlanet pre-orders

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LBP box artLast week (August 5, 2008) SCEA marketing manager Mark Vallador wrote a post on the PlayStation Blog about some interesting items that will be given out to anyone who pre-orders LittleBigPlanet. At that time we didn’t know which retailers would be carrying each item but now we do (well two retailers anyway).

It’s important to note that each retailer will carry one specific item for this promotion so choose wisely. If you want to get your paws on the official LittleBigPlanet Creator digital miniguide, you must pay a visit to Amazon and pre-order from there. The miniguide will show you all the tricks of the trade when making outlandish creations in LBP.

I’m sure a lot of people are frothing at the mouth for the Kratos costume for SackBoy. This downloadable costume is exclusively available in North America via Gamestop. Once you pre-order the game you’ll receive a voucher that can be used on the PlayStation Store the day LBP launches. You need to actually have a physical copy of the game to access the part of the store where the costume awaits. The costume is broken down into four parts for the Kratos skin, goatee, Blades of Athena, and Kratos garments. You can choose to put any number of these items on your character as you see fit.

The other two items are for the LittleBigStickerBook and Nariko costume for SackGirl. Those supporting retailers haven’t been announced yet but will be soon.

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