Gamertell Exclusive: Need for Speed Undercover videos, photos and audio

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gamertell exclusive need for speed undercover miss q

Wait no more, for the the exclusive Gamertell Need for Speed Undercover media post has arrived. As a follow-up to my synopsis of the exclusive Need for Speed Undercover event on August 14, 2008, you may now revel in exclusive photos and audio to satiate all humanly senses except for taste and smell.

As mentioned before, the night’s event began when Scott Neilsen, producer of Need for Speed Undercover, took charge of the mic to introduce the game’s story, setting, and game play aspects. Following his announcements, Maggie Q was invited to share a few words with the crowd regarding her involvement with the game’s development. Their words about this highly anticipated game can be listened to here.

Soon after, Ms. Q[uigley] was done speaking to the enamored crowd, Scott Nielsen urged her to pick up the Xbox 360 controller and test her virtual driving skills. As you can see, Maggie was very befuddled and disoriented but that stuff makes for mighty fine entertainment:

Having christened the night with her frantic game play, all guests were invited to eat, drink, play, and be merry. That being said, here’s an exclusive peek of the actual game play of this upcoming game:Photo Gallery [Need for Speed Undercover Event] Read [Gamertell] Also Read [Gamertell]

NOTE: All photos, videos and audio by Janine Dong.

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  • D. Shan

    i for one can't wait to see this game. maybe nfs is finnally doing what it does best.

    however, actually ya might wanna check your facts. the director of need for speed undercover according to the imdb is joseph a. hodges.

  • Jonny

    great game…

  • raghu

    good game waiting for the game to play

  • Mark Rowland

    Would you happen to know what systems this game will be on? It better be on Wii, as I hope to continue the tradition of NFS. I've owned every single game since NFS: Underground (Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Carbon, Pro Street)

  • Janine Dong

    The official statement from EA Blackbox is that a NFSU game will be developed for a ton of systems, including the Wii. So, your prayers have been answered :)

  • Matt Harland

    I own all the need for speeds except for the first one and i plan to add undercover to my collection. I think this might just be the best NFS yet….until the next one(hopefully).

  • Reimon

    Its a month left and i cant wait anymore! 😛

  • nfsking

    yeh me to i can't wait for it to come out. i hope it wont be a messup like prostreet

  • Soroush

    she is Hot!


    This will be the best NFS yet the graphics look great.

    I dont get the game are you a cop and street racer??

  • Driver

    NFS Undercover the graphics looks great.

  • Lozz

    Need For Speed Undercover is the latest racing game released by EA and is meant to be the best one yet.
    When I first heard about this game coming out I was really excited and hoped this game wouldn’t be a let down like Pro Street. EA have tried to revert back to the best selling need for speed game ‘most wanted’. When I heard they were trying to recreate most wanted I was very excited.
    EA decided to come back to the free roaming system on the game because of the disappointing pro street.
    Anyway enough about what its meant to be like, lets go and get the facts about this brand new game ‘undercover’.

    ‘Undercover’ comes into the shops on 21/11/08 and is expected to be a sold out game of the year. Not surprising when you see the graphics on this game you will be amazed. They have also brought in a brand new map and its bigger and better. The game play is still you have to earn rep and while you do this you unlock cars which you can buy on the game. They have added almost 25 brand new cars on the game. The story line of the game is one of the best bits of the game. You’ll have to wait and see what its about when you get the game, but trust me its worth the wait. They have introduced an 'open world' setting, similar to that of EA's own Burnout Paradise, and also Rockstar Games Midnight Club Los Angeles this is one of the bad things about it. On this open world you can not drive the event so ther was no point in actually creating a ‘open world’ but that doesn’t say this games a failure. The game does a good job of rewarding your skilful driving and there are plenty of options for people who want to play online. The music and the sound is extremely good on the game coming with about 15 different bands all different genres of music which everybody will like. On a whole this game looks very good indeed and I would recommend it to any fan of driving games, it’s a must have!

    Laurie Ellis

  • Cody

    Is it me, or is she just -really- skinny?

    Like..that almost looks unhealthy, ha.

  • vK

    according to me d best nfs was MW(most wanted)…..even undercover is under most wanted in rating…..