Square Enix shop to stock Kingdom Hearts jewelry

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Square Enix Kingdom Hearts charm braceletSquare Enix has just announced that the Square Enix Store is going to start stocking some high-end Kingdom Hearts jewelry. Fans of the series will be able to purchase official keyblade keychains (available in three different designs) or a charm bracelet and charms. All items will be online exclusives, and will start appearing in the store between August 30 and September 13, 2008. The three metal keyblade keychains will be available in Kingdom Key, Oblivion and Oath Keeper styles. The charm bracelet will come with a heart charm, but Mickey, Kairi, Sora, Roxas, Keyblade and Heartless charms will be sold separately.

Prices haven’t been announced for any of the items, but I get the feeling the bracelet might be pricy. (After all, its usually silver.) A lot of the Square Enix store jewelry tends to hover around $100, and since you’d have to buy the charms separately, it could get expensive. The keychains should be pretty affordable though – as most other Square Enix Final Fantasy keychains hover around $13.99. Of course, an order from the Square Enix store has to be over $23 to be processed, so you’d have to purchase two in order to get them.

If you can’t wait for (or afford) the official items, I’d suggest visiting a site like My Import Store and browsing its Kingdom Hearts section. The items won’t be as high quality (I purchased a FFVIII necklace/ring set from them years ago, and the ring turned black after a year), but you’ll still have a fun little accessory you can enjoy for a short while at a reasonable price.

Site [Square Enix Store] Site [My Import Store]

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  • Mia Hanners

    Where can I get one of these????

  • Jenni Lada

    All of the official Square Enix jewelry can be found at the Square Enix online store.