Entourage inspired Viking Quest goes live

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Viking QuestIf you have a hankering to play a free game, and you just happen to be an Entourage fan, then you’ll want to try the Viking Quest game from Fuel Games. Its a free, promotional mini-game you can play in your web browser, and has you fighting as Tarvold to try and defeat Thorfin Skull-splitter.

You can even watch Johnny Drama (aka actor Kevin Dillon) rant about the outrageous audacity of the creators of the Viking Quest game and the studio for releasing the show on DVD. Its on YouTube, of course. Its short enough to get the point across and be funny, without going overboard.

Watch Johnny Drama rant about Viking Quest:

As for the game itself, I really like the site’s presentation. It makes it sound as though Viking Quest is actually going to be appearing on consoles, and even has a plug for Viking Quest on DVD. There are two levels to play through, and its a fun way to waste a few minutes. It’s reminiscent of the original Golden Axe games, and pretty well made – you can tell a lot of effort went into it.

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