TechnologyTell reports Warrior Quest popular among PS3 and Wii players

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Warrior Quest screenshotOne of the wonderful things about browser-based games is their versatility. Take, for example, Warrior Quest. It is a free-to-play, browser-based, online RPG, where each time you play, you start over from the beginning., formerly known as, has revealed that, after Warrior Quest‘s relaunch around two weeks ago, more PS3 and Wii gamers have been accessing the game than PC users.

I was intrigued by’s press release, so I decided to give Warrior Quest a try. It is a very humble game, that has a retro feel. (In fact, it almost looks like something made from an RPG Maker game.) I didn’t enjoy it, mainly because everything was somewhat vague. After taking my first ‘quest,’ I was pitted against some random character who actually had battle cards and magic skills. Apparently my character was something of a dullard, because I couldn’t land any attacks and it took me seven tries to finally beat my opponent. Frustrated by the generic music and gameplay, I abandoned the game after those first few moments.

The developer likens Warrior Quest to Pokemon or Dragon Quest, but I don’t see it. Its just too frustrating to play. The idea of playing free browser games on consoles is awesome though. If you’re interested in playing browser-based games via the Wii or other consoles, simply go to your console’s internet browser. If you’d like, try Warrior Quest, or use Google to find a game which would work for you. Personally, I’d go see if one of the Eyezmaze games would run on your console’s browser.

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