PS3 BioShock to require 5GB install

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It may not have been a bad idea for Sony to announce a new 160GB PS3 after all. While it certainly is enough space to keep tons of personal media, it’ll also necessary to hold all the game data that a lot of popular PS3 titles contain.

BioShock is the latest PS3 game that requires a mandatory install of 5GB which, according to Eurogamer, takes roughly 10 minutes to install. At least there’s going to be some piano music to help quell the silence.

One possible reason for this is the extra content the PS3 version will have. BioShock will include a new difficulty mode called Survivor, challenge rooms, exclusive add-on content and Trophy support.

It is strange how a game such this and Haze requires more hard drive space than Metal Gear Solid 4 which supposedly used up all the space on its Blu-ray disc.

BioShock joins the line up of big games coming out this year when it’s released October 21, 2008.

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