Playstation Store Update for the week of September 11-17, 2008

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This week brings more slim pickings at the Playstation Store. But everyone who bought a subscription to Qore or last week’s episode can now download the demo of Motorsport: Pacific Rift. Also, the Rock Band dollar discount returns this month for the All That Remains pack, which will go up to $2 next month.

And now, the list.
Full Games
Jeopardy ($15)

Motorsport: Pacific Rift (only available with purchase of an annual subscription or the fourth episode of Qore)
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Add-on Content
Rock Band All That Remains pack, including “This Calling,” “Chiron” and “Two Weeks” ($1 per song for this month, $3 for the pack)
Guitar Hero III/World Tour: Metallica’s Death Magnetic album ($18)
PAIN Amusement Park ($6), Yeony, Tati and Kenneth characters ($0.99 per character)

Game Videos
Golden Axe: Beast Rider Trailer 2
FIFA 09 Trailer
NHL 09 Teaser and Defensive Sizzle Trailers
Blitz: The League II Trailer 2
Saints Row 2 Uncle Gary Sticky Bombs and Throwing People Trailers
Need For Speed Undercover Launch Trailer
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Brutality of War Gameplay video
Legendary Behind the Scenes Episode 3

Wallpapers & Themes
Mirror’s Edge Theme 1
PAIN Amusement Park, Yeony, Tati and Kenneth Themes and Amusement Park wallpaper

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