wipEout HD drifts onto PSN September 25, 2008

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wipEout HD
The PlayStation Blog announced today (September 15, 2008) that the highly anticipated high definition remake of the wipEout franchise will be available exclusively for the PlayStation Network next Thursday (September 25, 2008). wipEout HD will feature many new technical and gameplay advances for the relative low price of $19.99.

wipEout HD will be capable of delivering full 1080p graphics complete with Dolby 5.1 surround sound support. It will also be one of few games to run at a constant 60fps. These features are usually a milestone for retail titles so seeing it available in a downloadable purchase speaks volumes of the dedication the developers put into the game. You can play wipEout HD offline or online with up to 8 players at once. If you choose to stay offline, there will be 5 different game modes to choose from with 8 reversible tracks to compete on.

wipEout HD takes advantage of the latest PS3 firmware update by allowing in-game custom playlists and Trophy support. The playlists will be enabled at launch, but the Trophies will come in a future patch.

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