Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm just got a little more special

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Naruto: Ulimate Ninja Storm limited edition set
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm for the PS3 has been pushed back a teensy bit to November 4, 2008. Namco Bandai wants to make it up to fans though, so they’ve announced a limited edition version of the game. For $69.99, fans can purchase Naruto Ultimate Ninja: Storm limited edition and get bonus swag. The standard version will cost $59.99 – but once you hear what the bonuses are, you’ll probably want the LE version.

The Limited Edition version of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is packaged in a SteelBook container (depicted above) that features cursed-seal Sasuke on one side and Kyuubi Naruto on the other. Inside, along with the actual game, are two collector cards, a Laser Cell of Naruto and Sasuke fighting and the 18 track Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm soundtrack CD.

The soundtrack CD alone makes the package worth it. Anyone who’s ordered game soundtracks from Japan know that they can cost upwards of $20. The limited edition deal seems like a nice alternative for Naruto fans.

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    I would rather have the regular game now instead of waiting for a limited edition that has music that you can dl for free.