Farscape saga continues via comics this November

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Farscape column
Fans of the excellent, super-creative sci-fi series Farscape, rejoice! The story of Astronaut John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, and the rest of the randy band of misfits will continue in a comic series to be published by Boom! Studio. SFX reports that the new run begins in November, and it’s coming straight from series creator Rockne O’Bannon. The story will also pick up right where the series finale ( the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries) left off.

Comic Book Resources Has the full scoop, which gives a few more story details. The original announcement of the comic series came last spring, so dedicated fans are already in the know. But it’s quite exciting news nonetheless.

Ok, full disclosure time – I’ve been a ‘scaper for forever – it’s literally my favorite series of all time. I’ll keep the gushing limited to this sentence: it was hilarious, genuinely creative and thoughtful, dark as can be and endlessly fun to watch. So I just might pick this up come November. Maybe.

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