Wahlberg still hasn’t played Max Payne

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Mark Wahlberg Maxim October 2008 magazineActor and former musician Mark “Stop Calling Me Marky Mark” Wahlberg, the actor who stars in the game-based flick Max Payne, has once again confirmed that he has never played a Max Payne game.

The latest confession comes from the October 2008 issue of Maxim magazine (pp. 86-87). Here’s the single question addressing the movie in the interview:

MAXIM: Max Payne, your new film, is based on a video game. Have you ever played it?

WAHLBERG: No, but you’d be surprised how elaborate the story is. My assistant got addicted, but I can’t do that stuff. My girl’s been so tolerant of my vices. If I add video games to the list, I’m sure she’ll leave me. The film, though, is going to be very satisfying for the die-hard gamers.

The rest of the one-page interview is about Boston accents, Scorsese, Entourage , Hollywood B.S and his car (a Mercedes, in case you care).

Wahlberg had previously told People magazine, “I didn’t want to play because I have an addictive personality. I got more responsibility now than I’ve ever had with the kids and everything else. I don’t want to be spending 14 hours on the videogame and then eight hours on the set. It’s not going to work out.”

I’m guessing the studio sent Wahlberg a game system and a bunch of games and, being the uber busy guy he is and having an assistant, handed the box of goodies to his assistant and simply said, “Take care of this for me, would ya?” You’d think he’d at least give the game a try at this point. Oh well.

The action movie, Max Payne, is directed by John Moore and stars Wahlberg as the film’s namesake, Max Payne. It also will feature Mila Kunis as Mona Sax, Beau Bridges as BB Hensle, Ludacris as Jim Bravura and Chris O’Donnell as Jason Colvin. The film is scheduled to be released nationwide on October 17, 2008.

Read [People] Via [Kotaku] Site [Max Payne: The Movie]

NOTE: Image of Mark Wahlberg borrowed from the October 2008 issue of Maxim.

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  • Jonathan Gronli

    It's not entirely necessary for him to play the game to get the character right though. I mean Max Payne is just one of those characters where if the script is well-written he literally jumps off the page. Then again that's with the general style of film that the game and movie is going for. The film noir anti-hero motif is one that's just very straight forward.

  • Payne Fan

    14hrs on a game? Max Payne doesn't even take that long. There are also save points. Oh well, movie looks good though, so can't wait.

  • David Jay

    It couldn't have HURT for him to play through the two games ONCE APIECE. His "addictive personality" is just an excuse. One of the reason I probably won't see this movie is the fact that he (on his own) didn't do something for his character that was borderline "necessary".

  • Jonathan

    Yeah David Jay. The "addictive personality" might be an excuse. But if you look at most actors and actresses out there, they do have addictive personalities. They are just addicted to different things. They can also add to the list of addictions they have simply by doing research. This is coming from someone who has acted in the past.

    Also yet again with film noir, if the screenwriter did a good job and the director does a good job, the actor playing Max Payne wouldn't even need to know that there are two games revolving around the character he's playing. Only people who would NEED to play it to get the characters and story right are the director and screenwriter.

    Oh Payne Fan. Sure the games themselves don't take 14 hrs but if you play on all the difficulty settings it takes at least 14 hrs. Maybe more.

  • Payne Fan

    Yea it can, but he doesn't have to play thru all difficulties. I can play a full game on normal and at least get a feel for the character. That's all I'm saying.