Screw the PS4 rumors: PS3 will keep us busy for years

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PS4 rumor is confusingI just bought a PlayStation 3 console when I read the rumors of a PlayStation 4 coming out soon and all the mind blowing possibilities of the theoretically new console. I could barely afford the PS3 much less worry about what its going to cost for a PS4. But, based on what Paul Holman (Sony Vice President of Technology) told TechEBlog in 2006, the PS4 will not be out until at least 2010.

Then there’s the rumor that the future PS4 will use the same existing cell processor that the current PS3 uses, according to a Japanese tech news site PC Watch. I’m not sure about that because if this rumor does prove to be true, I’d be sorely disappointed. For the most part, why invest in all these upgrades for the PS3 coming out soon only to purchase a PS4 which as we experienced with the PS3, having limited to no backwards playability again?

They just came out with a PS3 Bluetooth headset for the console, not to mention a possible controller that will function like the controllers of a Wii. Sony is still upgrading the PS3 and making it more backwards compatible for those of us still clinging to our PS2 to play our favorites.

What I found out about the new upgrades, which are done through firmware installs, will make the PS3 more media centric and help players become more social with the newest firmware upgrade using the trophy system. This current feature works like the Xbox 360 Achievement system that is displayed in your new profile complete with bronze, silver and gold trophies depending on a player’s game rank. According to Arstechnia this will encourage the social aspect of gaming.

The director of PlayStation Network Operations, Eric Lempel explains the newest update on his blog with a video on the PlayStation Blog website.

According to the blog, the games currently using the Trophy system include:

To add to the excitement of the new update, Lempel wrote that the players currently using Playstation Network will have their friend’s list doubled to 100. Seriously, with all this investment in the PS3 continues to grow. In future firmware updates, the introduction of third-party applications may evolve according to PlayStation’s website further upgrades coming to the PS3 include a wireless keyboard which can snap over the system’s Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller. Date of release for this item is unknown at this time but will give PSN users the same capability of downloading music and videos to their PS3.

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  • methanous

    i see the ps4 coming on 2013 or 2015, this gen passed so fast, its like ideas are going slim, i hope this gen will last till 2010 at least

  • Adam Berger

    i would agree that sony will do a refresh in 2-3 years but just continue to expand software capabilities, maybe add back some features that were pulled out (multi-video out, 7 controllers, etc), increase HD space to 500GB or so, and thin it out.

  • Adam Berger

    Actually my bigger question is, how will Sony save the PSP? It seems like a no brainier to give it s 32 or 64GB SSD and add a camera. Touchscreen would be a stretch but seems like the only other addition.

  • Lucy Newman

    Yeah. I love my PSP, I take it everywhere with me. I personally think they should do more with the PSP other than make it part of the PS3 system. With everything going towards the internet, I would think upgrading the PSP to be more internet savvy than it is now would be a way to go. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that will be obsolete in a few years.

  • Mr. G

    I'll put my life on it that for starters, PS3 will not last as long as the PS1 and the PS2 (8 to 10 years). Taking this into consideration, looking at the way the PS3 is selling at the moment, how it matches up with the 360 and Wii, Sony knows there's no point going on with PS3 (it sells for a whopping £300 in the UK). Yeah, they'll knock it out for another few years then along will come PS4. I think it'll be similar to the PS3, just beefed up like the Wii (the Wii is just a beefed up GameCube which is why all games look like last gen). Trust me, it's going to happen…

  • Lucy Newman

    Perhaps. I'm thinking PS4 would be just a device that hooks the PS3 to the internet since very thing seems to be moving towards the world wide web and of course there is the jealousy issue with wanting to be as well received as the Wii and awesome as the XBox360 minus the ring of death on a seasme seed bun. What do you think?

  • reggie

    Sony unfortunately will probably never be in a position to produce a PS4. Can you imagine the Sony board rooms reaction to any such plans by SCEE given the current economic reality and the amount of money the group has lost so far on the life cycle of the PS3 which is enormous. With it's pricing the XBOX will destroy the PS3 at retail this Christmas. The successor to the XBOX is obviously already well into the implimentation phase and will probably roll out in the next 18 months.

    Sony have this time to sell a console that will be squeezed between the new wii and xbox models with a PS4 nothing but a pipe dream. As Howard Stringers already stated the R&D;costs of the PS3 wont be recouped in his lifetime. SCEE have severly damaged their standing in the boardroom and with shareholders. I'd say given the way the cards are stacked it's more likely Sony will be a content provider for Microsoft and Nintendo rather than launching a PS4. manufacturer.

  • PS3

    In a few years, there will be much more hard ware, and they will have to upgrade!

  • Lucy Newman

    You all make valid points, but then I seem to remember the same things being said about the PS2, but when they made it backwards compatible people were more receptive of purchasing the new system. That was what sold me on the deal. The fact that I didn't have to toss out all my old games or cling to the original system just to play my favorite games.

  • PS3 Addict

    The biggest issue facing Sony is pricing in my view. The Xbox 360 is at a bargain price and could win the Xmas battle if Sony don't look at a reduction.

  • Lucy Newman

    Your right PS3 Addict. Your exactly right. Pricing is the issue with most of the new consoles out today. It's also the problem with the games also. Before the PS3 came out I was spending up to $29 on a good game. Now I'm paying up to $59.99 for a video game if I want to keep up with the new releases or wait around a month or two and pay $39 to $49 for a used copy. It's ridiculous actually..

  • demon

    the reason the price is high on the ps3 is because it better technology. I agree that the ps3 is expensive but its the best console on the market. 360 has a bs hd dvd player and is really limiting game size and production value because it cant hold as much information. all the ps3 has to do is hold on for another year or so and you will see a deffinite swing in its favor. people should probly reasearch stuff before they buy it and not just look at the price tag. then they would relize that the ps3 is superior technology and a better buy for a little bit more.

  • Lucy

    True, but in today's society cost is everything right now so people will flock to the cheapest console until this money issue has been resolved. So even if they do a lot of research the bottom line is what can they actually afford to sacrifice to get the better console.

  • Francisco”Cali”

    I don't think the PS4 would be coming out anytime soon, for sure if it would I think maybe it could be like till after 2013->
    Also Sony is kinda messed up, at first that PS3 costed around 600 bucks.. I mean think about why so much!??? thats like almost paying rent…lol.. and now look at the price of the PS2 $100 bucks… I believe even if new game consoles come out it shouldnt be so expensive, it be cool between $150-$300…
    But the PS3 I bought new is the 160GB and it cost me $250 bucks… and brand NEW. Well I wanna say screw the PS4 rumors.. It wont come out soon.. I been googleling the PS4.. and they come out with the stupidest crap… I mean lets be realistic, lets just enjoy the PS3 and enjoy the games… PS3 is way better than XBox 360

  • Lucy Newman

    Amen to that! Fransico "Cali"! Although I was one of the peeps who bought the glorious PS3, a 60Gig model in fact. May it rest in peace. I enjoyed that it was backwards compatible but it seems like all the backwards compatible models are dying left and right to the yellow light of death syndrome. Especially after installing the latest updates. I ended up having to purchase a new model with absolutely NO backwards compatibility and now must find what the heck I did with my PS2 controllers to play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and find an upgrade chip for it so I can play my copy of Forbidden Siren 2 that has been sitting in my collection for three months now untouched.

  • someone

    Well I’m in 2013 and its funny to see what people say I mean the ps4 has been announced and the pap is now a ps vita I know most of you already know that LOL