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Area 51 Box ArtWho can say “no” to a free game? I certainly can’t do it, especially if the free game wasn’t all that bad to begin with. I’m referring to Area 51 which was released on the PS2, Xbox, and PC back in April 2005. Cruise on over to Strategy Informer to get in on all the alien splattering action.

The complete download will take up close to 2GB of space on your hard drive and features the voice talent of David Duchovny, Marilyn Manson and Powers Boothe. How’s that for a star-studded cast?

Area 51 is a typical first-person shooter that didn’t break any new ground when it was released. If you’ve played Resistance or any Halo game, you pretty much know exactly what to expect. You’ll have access to a variety of weapons that has two firing modes such as standard shooting, or extra damage shots that gobble up more ammunition. Just shoot at anything that doesn’t look human and you should be fine. You also get some nifty mutated powers as the game progresses.

Download [Strategy Informer] Read [Gamershell]

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