Tokyo Game Show 2008: Tecmo unveils Bastard!! Online, DOA Online, Quantum Theory

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Tokyo Game Show 2008 TGS Tecmo Press Conference
Thursday, October 9, 2008 – Tokyo Game Show 2008 – During Tecmo’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2008 press conference, it displayed an assortment of exciting new titles. Each game that was shown on the drop screen was coupled with a few words from an integral part of its development team. Among the trailers shown, a few of the most exciting ones were Bastard!! Online, DOA (Dead or Alive) Online, and Quantum Theory.

Bastard!! Online:
Bastard!! Online will be released as an MMORPG for the PC at an undetermined date during 2009. The game’s producer adorned the stage to share a few details about the game before unveiling its official TGS trailer. The trailer opens with samplings of a war filled with monstrous giants and beasts and then flashes to Bastard!!‘s boisterous lead character, Dark Schneider, atop a castle tower. Key characters (Arshes Nei, Gara, Kall-Su, Sheila) are introduced one by one and are intertwined with scenes of actual game play. The trailer goes on to show customizable characters, player controlled battles, and an assortment of grotesque beasts. The trailer finally ends withe introduction of Dark Schneider’s main squeeze, Yoko, whom he literally sweeps off her feet while she screams at his immaturity.

DOA Online:
While any mention of an actual new Dead or Alive sequel/prequel were absent, Tecmo did show off its PC version of the popular fighting game franchise. Unfortunately, this game was not given a confirmed date, but Tecmo did state that it would go online in Japan in 2009. From the trailer, it seems as though DOA Online will be on par with the previously released DOA2 Ultimate version of the game. However, DOA Online will sport an actual community where players will be able to customize miniature versions of themselves, view rankings, and compete in auto-matched duels. DOA Online also introduces a quest mode where players will be able to guide their uniquely outfitted character through unknown trials and tribulations.

Quantum Theory:
Slated for release on the Playstation 3 in 2009, Quantum Theory (QT) is easily one of Tecmo’s most anticipated and exciting games that was shown at this year’s TGS. The game is set in an unknown yet dark world infested with behemoths and players will have the choice between two heroes: Cid (a brawny man with a monstrosity of a gun grafted to his left arm) and Felina (a sleek girl with silver hair who wields a plasma rapier). QT promises to feature real-time environments within extravagant cathedral-like structures and humongous monsters that even more breathtaking.

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NOTE: All photos and videos by Janine Dong.

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