Capcom brings Monster Hunter Portable 2G stateside as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Monster Hunter Portable 2G, the game that sold over 2.4 million units in Japan, is going to be coming to North America in spring, 2009. Capcom has announced that it is working on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, the revised title for 2G. Like previous Monster Hunter games, the overall goal in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is to hunt down monsters, build incredible weapons and armor and become the best possible hunter you can.

Since the main goals in Monster Hunter games isn’t to advance some story, but rather to level grind and complete quests, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite does everything it can to fulfill the wishes of fans of the series. There are over 2000 armor options, 1500 weapon options, 475 missions and 500 hours of play in this new title. That should keep series fans busy for a while.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite also offers three new options that weren’t present in previous Monster Hunter titles. Now, a felyne (cat/monster) joins your hunter, gathering items for you while you take on missions. You can also transfer over your Monster Hunter Freedom 2 character, to make things a bit easier when starting Freedom Unite. The final change is the ability to do partial installs of the game onto your PSP memory stick to decrease load times and make the game run better.

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