How To: Determine if you need a Mabinogi Premium Character Card

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Mabinogi Premium Basic Character CardsMabinogi has two character card options. Every account starts with a basic Character Card, which allows you to create your first character. However, you can later rebirth that character, or add another character to your account, via Basic and Premium Character Cards purchased in the Premium Shop.

Extra character cards are going to cost you real money either way. A Basic Character Card costs 7,900 NX/$7.90 and a Premium Character Card costs 9,500 NX/$9.50. Both function in the same way – each one can be used to create a new character or rebirth one of your existing characters. If you start with a Premium Character, you can use a Basic Character Card when you rebirth, and vice versa, so don’t think that once you’ve chosen an option, you always have to stick with it for that character.

It all comes down to customization. Characters created with the cards will be identical when it comes down to character statistics. The only difference will be physical. The Premium Characters will have a special outfit and more hair, eye and mouth customization options than a Basic Character. But, you don’t necessarily need the more expensive card. So today, Gamertell is going to review the perks and problems with each Character Card. Hopefully, after reading, you’ll know which one is best for you.

Mabinogi Premium Character

Premium Character Card

Pros: Premium characters look special, and anyone can tell instantly that you invested in a more expensive card. You’re less likely to find any other player avatar looking exactly like yours – a plus if you’re going to be doing a lot of exploring with a guild or party members. A Premium card offers 43 male hair options, 45 female hair options, 24 hair colors, 29 eye options, 21 eye colors and 23 different mouths, so many that you may have trouble deciding on one. It also seems to give your character more personality, since you have so many choices when creating him/her.
Cons: The main con of the premium character card is the price. It costs 1,600 NX/$1.60 more than a basic character card. Since Nexon cards and cash can be purchased in $5 and $10 increments, this leaves you with only 500 NX/$0.50, not enough to buy any other Premium or in-game Item Shop perks.

Basic Character Card

Pros: The price of a Basic card is the main draw. You get one free when you first create a Nexon Mabinogi account, and its hard to beat that. Then, after your first character, it costs 7,900 NX/$7.90. It may seem like a lot, but you still have 2,100 NX/$2.10 let over. That extra money is almost enough to buy a pet, and more than enough to buy a item from the in-game cash Item Shop. So going with a basic card might allow you to get an extra item or two to make your gaming life easier.
Cons: You have some pretty noticable limitations when it comes to character creation. You only have 8 hair options, 12 hair colors, 5 eye options, 5 eye colors and 4 different mouths. This means you may even end up running into a near-identical twin of yourself while playing the game. Basic characters all have a less elaborate starter outfit, so people can tell just by looking that you didn’t go for a Premium card. The basic outfit is also very plain, so if you want a more fashionable character, you’ll have to save up to buy an outfit from one of the NPCs or Personal Shops in the game.

Personally, after creating a character with the Basic and Premium cards, I prefer the Premium Character Card. After all, you’re already spending almost $8 on a new character, an extra $1.60 isn’t that big a deal. If you’re going to be playing a substantial amount of Mabinogi, then looking unique is going to make a big difference. Its not like you could utilize your Basic Character’s generic appearance as protective coloration when monsters attack (though it would be cool if you could). Plus, you can always sell the rarer outfit and make some extra in-game money off of it.

If you’re a first time player, don’t buy anything until you’re positive you like the game. The free Basic Card you begin with is more than adequate for your first adventures in Mabinogi.

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