PS3 firmware ver. 2.50, PSP firmware ver. 5.0 detailed

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playstation store psp screen
Sony has released the details on its next firmware updates for PS3 and PSP.

While no release dates were given for the updates, Sony expects both will be released within the month. The updates promise to bring in a slew of conveniences and of course the big one for Playstation Portable owners, the Wi-Fi store.

Playstation 3 firmware ver. 2.50 includes:

  • Support for the official Bluetooth headset that will come bundled with SOCOM: US Navy Seals: Confrontation.
  • Trophy interface enhancements that will make sharing and comparing easier.
  • The checking to how long its been since your friends have signed in.
  • Scene search feature that will allow you to break up video into chapters.
  • The ability to redeem PSN cards and promotion codes right on the store front.
  • Allowing controllers to go into power mode, where they will turn off after a period of inactivity.
  • Allowing the PS3 to turn off automatically after a background download completes.
  • In-game screenshots.

PSP firmware ver 5.0 features:

  • The introduction of the Wi-Fi Store.
  • A new theme.
  • An icon on the XMB specifically for the PSN.
  • Sleep timer function for music playback.

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Image borrowed from the PlayStation Blog.

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