Resident Evil’s zombie evolution

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Resident Evil 5
Just in time for Halloween, the kind folks at 1up have a very cool little video on the “evolution” of Resident Evil‘s zombies. Featuring clips from each of the franchise’s many survival horror classics, the video is a fun look at how the monsters have changed from 1996’s pixelated brain-munchers to the vicious (and seriously scary) creatures of the upcoming Resident Evil 5.

Man, the zombies of Resident Evil (that is, the original PlayStation version, not the GameCube freakfest) are looking about as scary as the tooth fairy these days – you can find a freakier crowd any day of the week on a city bus. Any city bus. Remember when those things were terrifying?

Think of it as a seasonal, spooky history lesson. It’s also a great way to rev up the desire to go back and play through the earlier games – tis’ the season, after all!


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