LittleBigPlanet servers online briefly, now offline

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LittleBigPlanetFollowing a short delay as a result of religious controversy involving text from the Qur’an appearing in the game, Media Molecule’s highly anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive, LittleBigPlanet, has finally launched across North America and is being backed by a series of official servers which should allow users to share and trade their custom content with others.

Unfortunately, Kotaku has been in contact with Media Molecule in order to confirm that the company has been forced to temporarily close the game’s servers down after only eight hours of up-time in order to avoid “glitching issues.” It is hoped that any issues will be resolved and the servers powered back up very soon.

In happier news, a post on the official PlayStation blog reiterates what we learned at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show — due to popular demand, any content created during the LittleBigPlanet beta can be transferred over to the full game and shared with no restraints (just as soon as the servers come back online).

Anyone who pre-ordered the game from Best Buy or GameStop is also entitled to download a selection of free in-game costumes by redeeming voucher codes that should have arrived along with the game itself. Full instructions on how to download said content via the PlayStation Network can be found here.

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