Target’s $50 digital camera gift card

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target 50 dolalr digital camera gift card
When I shop at Target, the first place I now look is the gift card rack.

After the Speed Racer USB thumb drive gift card and the three cool game console cards, can you really blame me? Snagging freebies in the form of fat, plastic cards is my idea of good time inexpensive collecting fun.

This year’s special holiday gift card at Target is a mini digital camera. Yep, a gift card that doubles as a pocket-sized digital camera. Unlike previous cool cards, this one ain’t free. It’s a $50 card, so you have to at least put at least $50 on the card before you can take it home. If you plan to get gift or other goodies there (games, perhaps) then you might as well get the card first, turn around and spend it. Then it’s essentially free.

target 2008 digital camera gift card The gift card card comes with a USB cord, driver disk and instructions manual. From an eBay description, it also includes 40 free prints (probably from Target), requires two AAA batteries, has a “self-timer” and “averages 50 images” with 8MB of space. The computer requirements are Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista but I’m betting it’ll work with a Mac, too. No word on the megapixels.

The crappy part is that I’m already seeing the card appear n eBay, so you know that people are scooping up the four or five that make it to the rack just to turn around and sell it for $10. In fact, the image above is of the placecard on the rack since the camera gift cards were all gone. The note under the image reads “5 cards per peg,” so unless you pester a nice Target employee, that placeholder may be all you’ll see.

Target does have the card listed on its web site in the Gift Card > WOW section, so you should still be able to order one online and put from $50 to $1000 on it (plus $1.95 shipping). Now that would be a nifty gifty.

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