Prep for Thanksgiving with Turkey Shoot

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Southbank Turkey ShootThanksgiving is coming, but it never seems to receive the same build-up as Halloween, Christmas or even Black Friday. It turns out though, that UK based graphic designer Southbank wants to try and get people a little excited for the eating extravaganza with a quick, free-to-play Flash game called Turkey Shoot. The name is fairly telling – you try to shoot turkeys. Its technically labeled by Southbank as a “Christmas” game, but with turkeys being the Thanksgiving “mascot,” it can go either way.

Its charming though, despite its simplicity. Once you decide to start a game, you are taken to the Sherry Meter. Here, you can set your “difficult” by dictating how many sherrys you have had (the gauge starts at 1 and can go to 10). After that you arrive at a quaint village scene, with strange cartoon turkeys flying at you. You have to shoot as many as you can before three turkeys reach you. The goal is to get the highest score possible.

Try it on the 1 Sherry difficulty level for a leisurely game, and then gradually move up as you master it. Its a fun little way to kill a few minutes, and can be surprisingly addicting.

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