Valve Complete Pack now available on Steam

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ValveAs many zombie hunters know by now, Left 4 Dead is coming out on November 18, 2008. It’s made by Valve who has an impressive resume stemming back to the days of the original Half-Life and Counter-Strike.

If you may have missed out on the classics or every Valve game in general, now’s your chance to make up for it. Valve is offering every single game the company has ever made in one $99 package only on Steam. Now we know that $99 seems a little pricey on the surface especially in these tight times we live in but this is still a deal.

It’s worth noting that Left 4 Dead in included in this package. By itself the game would cost $44.99 on Steam which is almost half the price for the complete pack.

You will get The Orange Box that includes all of Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal as well as every official expansion pack that was released for each game. We’re now up to about $94 for just those products without factoring the cost for the original Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Peggle Extreme and every expansion in between. There’s even a few lesser known but still good titles to round everything out.

All in all you’ll save about $134 by purchasing everything in the Valve family at once.

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