Japanese Import: Hori Classic Controller for Wii

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hori classic controllerIn some production lab deep within the mountains of Japan, Japanese peripheral company Hori spliced together a Nintendo GameCube controller, Nintendo Wii functionality and a whole lot of auto-firing.

The result on that stormy night was the Hori Classic Controller. Asia gamestuff import sales sitePlay-Asia claims Hori captured the multi-colored beast and are selling it for 2,980 yen (roughly $30.00) on November 27, 2008.

Hori’s take on the “classic controller” offers two auto-fire settings (double and triple from the looks of it) for every button via a switch. It also looks like it’s mainly for use with Nintendo 64 games and Nintendo GameCube games, as well as shooters, since that D-pad is appears to have an uncomfortable thumb range.

Interested holiday importers will be able to choose from three color schemes including black (above), white, and light blue and can get their holiday pre-orders in now.

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