Steam-y Deal of the Day: Half Life for 98 cents to celebrate its 10th anniversary

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Half-Life and Gordon Freeman’s epic struggle is now 10 years old. To celebrate the anniversary of the game’s release, Valve has put the game on a heavily discounted sale in the Steam store for a limited time.

When it was released, Half-Life meet with major support from both critics and fans alike. Over the year it was released it received over 50 Game of the Year Awards and sold over 20 million units to date and birthed a new franchise. It has been modded repeatedly, many of which became games and franchises of their own, like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress and Day of Defeat among others. Some remain mods, like BrainBread, Digital Paintball and Natural Selection among others.

The price to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the game’s release and birth of a franchise is $0.98. The price currently available solely through Steam and will last until 12:01 p.m. PST on November 21, 2008. This is as opposed to the standard price Half-Life has on Steam, which is $9.99.

For those who already have the Steam program installed on their computers, all they have to do is search the store. If they don’t but are interested in getting the game, all they have to do is visit Steam . You can download the installation client from the Steam store for free.

The benefit of Steam is that they usually have a good set of sales going on at one time. Either way, join the celebration and enjoy the inter-dimensional alien mayhem that Half-Life is known for having in its continuing storyline.

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