Get Half-Life for 98 cents

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Half-Life 1
No, this isn’t a typo – Half-Life is actually going for .98 on Steam, in honor of the game’s 10th anniversary (1998, get it?). You can find the best damned value in videogames (possibly ever) on Steam right now, or if you want another fantastic deal, check out the “Valve Complete Pack” – which has just about everything from oldies like Counter-Strike to brand new titles like Left 4 Dead – for $99.

Seriously, you can’t beat either of these deals. Half-Life alone, at less than a dollar, is probably the best game you’ll ever pay less than a Washington for. Go download it this instant if you’ve never played (or don’t already have it on your machine). Digital distribution is a beautiful thing, people. Come to think of it, so are most of Valve’s games.

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