Aurora Feint II: The Arena now in the App Store

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Aurora Feint 2iPhone and iPod Touch gamers got quite the surprise when Aurora Feint: The Beginning was actually good. Even better, the Puzzle Quest-like game was available to all iPhone owners free of charge, quite pleasing compared to the $14.99 price tag for some games.

Yesterday (November 21, 2008), the sequel to Aurora Feint, Aurora Feint: The Arena hit the App Store but unlike, it’s predecessor, it packs a price tag of $9.99. Fortunately, it’s on sale through Christmas for $7.99. It’s not quite the free price tag a lot of us were hoping but still these guys deserve a little something for the hours joy I’ve spent mastering essences and tools.

Old players can have their accounts integrated into the sequel or choose one of the classes lined up. More new features include:

  • Leaderboards
  • Personal news feeds
  • More artwork
  • Real time player vs. player dueling
  • 68 levels of play

Not bad for $7.99, right? If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch you should definitely check this out.

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