Prepare your swords for Aurora Blade’s closed beta

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IGG Aurora BladeIt seems like more and more browser-based MMOs are popping up online. The latest entry is IGG’s Aurora Blade, which will be entering the closed beta phase on December 5, 2008. So, IGG members and game fans should start visiting the site to find out more about the title.

Aurora Blade is a 2D MMO that doesn’t require any download – you just log in and play it in your browser. You create a Knight, Mage, Priest or Warrior class character, which can later evolve into one of three subclasses, and then take part in over 720 different quests. Plus, IGG has designed the game so people who like to play with others or alone can enjoy it, as only a small portion of quests will be designated as group quests and there will be a 1v1 arena to battle in. The game will also have teleportation points that can be activated and a quest log, so you can instantly revist places you’ve already been or talk to people you’ve already met. You can even give your character orders before you log off, so while you’re not playing your character could still be improving.

Aurora Blade certainly sounds promising. Perhaps, once the open beta phase begins, it may be a game worth checking into. After all, the browser-based aspect and ability to have characters train while you’re away makes Aurora Blade sound appealing.

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